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Grand Coups, or tufted feathers, wears the horns lashed with red silk. He is entitled to a seat in Council.

The Red Buffalo with Red Horns, Eyes and Beard. 
A Brave with one hundred or upward Grand Coups, or tufted feathers, wears the eyes as well as the horns lashed with red silk, has of course, a red beard, and is a Red Buffalo. He is entitled to sit in Council.

Scalps. Each warrior may fasten in his War Bonnet a long tuft of horsehair. This answers as his scalp. He can lose this only in an important competition, approved by the Council, in which he stakes his scalp against that of some other Brave. If he loses he surrenders his tuft to the winner and goes tuftless for one week, during which time he loses his place in the Council.

After a week the Council may restore his seat and give him a new scalp, but the winner keeps the old scalp for a teepee or other decoration, and counts Coup or Grand Coup, as the Council may decide.

Note — These badges and scalps may be bought of Abercrombie & Fitch, No. 316 Broadway, New York. The simple silver badge of a Brave costs fifteen cents. With horned shield for the Chief it costs twenty cents. The lashing is done by each for himself, also the engraving of the totem.

Scalps cost ten cents each, or one dollar a dozen.