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40 The Book of Woodcraft Wild Goose, Canada Goose or Honker is one of the wildest and most beautiful of ducks. It nests in hol- low trees and is found in North America up to about latitude 50 de- grees. ( Wild Goose, Canada Goose or Honker (Branta canadensis). This fine bird is about three feet long. Its head and neck are black; its cheek patch white; its body gray; its tail black with white coverts above and below. It is found up to the Arctic regions, and breeds north of about latitude 45 de- grees. It is easily tamed and reared in captivity. Swan. There are two kinds of Swan found in America: The Trum- peter {Olor buccinator), which is almost extinct, is very large and has a black bill, and the Whis- tling Swan (Olorcolumbi- anus), which is smaller — about five feet long and seven feet across. Its plumage is pure