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Campercraft or the Summer Camp 263 is banked up so no flies can get in. The lids are down tight when the seat is not' in use. A shovelful of quicklime is then thro-vyn in after each occasion. A running trough is arranged along side so it is tributary to the main trench; this also is kept coated with quicklime. The place should be thoroughly screened, but is as well without a roof except over the seats. All camps should be left as clear of filth, scraps, papers, tins, bottles, etc., as though a human being had never been there. ARRIVING ON THE CAMP GROUND As soon as all are on the ground, with their baggage, let the Leader allot the places of each band or clan. Try to have each and every dwelling- tent about 25 feet from the next, in a place dry and easy to drain in case of rain and so placed as to have sun in the morning and shade in the after- noon. Each group is responsible for order up to the halfway line between them and the next group. Loose straw, tins, papers, bottles, glass, filth, etc., out of place are criminal disorder. Pitch at a reasonable distance from the latrine, as well as from the water supply. As much as possible, have each band or clan by itself. As soon as convenient, appoint fellows to dig and pre- pare a latrine or toilet, with screen. All will be busied settling down, so that usually there is no methodic work the first day. But the second day it should begin. CAMP OFFICERS AND GOVERNMENT After the routine of rising, bathing, breakfast, etc., there should be called at eight o'clock a High Covmcil. That is, a