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88 The Book of Woodcraft RAVEN Black on red. Hr 00 -Br 00 HOOT OWL Black and yellow on green. Wa-ha-hoo-hoo SCREECH OWL Dark red, white face on purple ground. Wkil4l-il-loo A soft quavering cry. WOLF Black on red for Wolveg Brown on yellow for Brown Wolves. Red on pale blue for Red Wolves, etc., etc. WILD CAT. ibay or brown on tea green. Yah-row-roio BLACK WOLF. Black on yellow or LOBO BAND Gray on pink. Ya-hoooooo. OKOKOHOO or CAT OWL Red and white on purple. Hoo-hoo-hoo ^ BLACK CAT Black with yellow eyes oo yellow ground. Me-ow, LYNX, FOX. Brown on gray. Red on yellow for Red Foxes Brown on blue. Silver on gold for Silver Red on gieen. Foxes. Fott-woaMPOTW Yap-yurrr. GRIZZLY. Brown. Grr^woof. LITTLE BEAR. Black or brown on pale buff. Woof-woof