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Ernest Thompson Seton *14.8.1860 South Shields, Durham, GB

160. aniversary of the Seton's birth

If people were long-lived, like huge turtles, Ernest Thompson Seton would have celebrated last Friday, 14. August 2020, 160 years from birthsday. No doubt he would be glad that the woodcraft movement was not forgotten, and his the fire he started before 118 years ago is still burning.

Anyone who has ever lit a fire by the friction knows, that it is not easy get a hot spark. It doesn't always work out. But it's much harder blowing out the spark into the flame.

The experienced woodcrafters knows that not worth rushing. First feed the hot spark with dust from rotting wood and after put it into carefully prepared a nest from the grinded, dry linden bast.

But that's not enough! In order for a flame to come out, you must be able to work with the breath. Very slowly blow can burn nest without firing a flame, and if your breath is very strongly it can destroyed the hot clod. It is also necessary to be careful where the wind blows from. If blowing from behind, it may will help. But if from ahead, it can you suffocate with a smoke. That's why you need to take a deep breath and prudently blew - what if the wind suddenly turn? And if the flame jumps out, it not the win unless the firewood is ready for ignition. Then it just depends on how much wood you have.

Seton prepared wood for a indians fire, to burn a long time. For warm and light without smoke. Baden-Powell which get the hot spark from Seton was to light a big fire, which burned most wood. Not much left for put to Seton. But the cinders from the Seton's fire was still hot. 30 year ago a group of enthusiasts from Czechoslowakia with a glow cinders in hearts gather and lit a fire which is not big, but still burn - the Woodcraft League.