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Tato stránka nebyla zkontrolována

Cut and make four different pieces of baby clothes, all by hand, for coup. Six pieces, embroidered 0r lace trimmed, for grand coup. II

Cut and make a dress, middy blouse 0r smock for someone other than self, for coup. If entirely by hand, and embroidered 0r appliqued, grand coup. II-IV

Cut and make a boy's suit, trimmed. Cut and make a girl's dress, trimmed. Either for coup; both for grand coup. 11

Dress a doll, not less than 10 inches high, in clothing complete and removable, for coup. In national or distinctive costume, grand coup. 11

Make a piece of needlepoint, for chair, stool, or pillow cover, to be at least one foot square, or its equivalent, for coup, two feet square, or equivalent, grand coup II

Make and hang drapes Either for coup. Both for grand coup. II

Dye five yards or equivalent of drapery material, for coup. If dye is made of wildwood material, grand coup. II

Cover a hat frame and trim hat, for coup. Make a complete hat, frame, trimming and lining, for grand coup. II

Remodel a felt or wool hat and trim it, for coup. Make a felt hat from a felt hood, block into shape and trim, for grand coup. II

Cover a hat frame with straw cloth or equivalent and trim hat, for coup. Make a complete straw hat of straw braid or equivalent, and make trimming, for grand coup. 11

Make a rug, at least 2x5 feet, or equivalent, woven, knitted, crocheted, braided or hooked. Cut, select, sew, ball, and arrange rags for making one yard of rag carpet. Either for coup; both for grand coup. 11


Make a pair of leather or skin moccasins of Plains pat- tern, for coup. In addition, bead a design on these, for grand coup. II

Make a pair of Navajo moccasins, for coup. If the sil- ver buttons are made by self, grand coup 11

Make buckskin from a green hide, without the use of any bought chemicals. Prepare the skin of some other ani- 55