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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována

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14. Win honors with rifle. That is, be a marksman according to the rules of the National Rifle Association.

15. With bow make a total score of 300 points at forty yards, standard target.

16. Catch alive and uninjured with own make of trap one wild quadruped and one wild bird.

17. Know the Pole Star and fifteen star groups.

18. Teach any one of these but the first nine to some other person.



The Degree of Hunter in Town may be conferred on any one who takes eight of these tests:

1. Find and sketch twenty-five blazes in town and say where you found them. A blaze is a mark that conveys infomation without using words or letters.

2. Find twenty-five totems in town. A totem is the emblem of a man, group of men, company, or idea. It is not formed of words or letters and letters are not an essential part, even if they are associated. Some trademarks are of this class.

3. Indicate the distinguishing marks of policemen, park policemen, traffic squad, strong arm squad, etc.

4. Rid a house of flies for one month.

5. Rid a house of rats for one month.

6. Rid a house of mice for one month.

7. Rid the house of cockroaches for one month.

8. Rid the premises of mosquito breeding pools for a season.

9. Draw life-size, recognizable tracks of a man, woman, child, dog, cat, and mouse.

10. Draw life-size, recognizable tracks of a rat, rabbit, gray squirrel, sparrow, crow, chicken. All of these can be secured in and about the city, especially in the large parks, and are easiest when the snow is on the ground, but possible in mud or even with wet tracks on dry pavements.

11. Make and set up at some suitable place and operate for at least a week a flytrap. (On the screen-cone principle.)

12. Know gypsy moth and report finding of any to state entomologist, also browntail moth.

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