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First, select your site. It should, if possible, be on an island, if you wish to achieve instant favor with the birds.

Suppose your tree is to be 10 feet high, and 3 feet wide inside. Get four timbers or poles, 4 inches thick at the top, 6 or 8 at the bottom, and 15 feet long. These should be of locust, cedar, chestnut, or other durable wood.

Dig four post-holes, each 4 feet deep, and arranged in a square; that is, 4 feet across each side. In these, plant the posts, sloping slightly inwards; so that at the top they make a square of 2%4-foot sides (A). Around the top nail 4 pieces of 2x6 lumber, to hold all true and square.

Just clear of the ground, outside the posts, nail on a circle …

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