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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována


It is usually a blanket of light weight material, decorated with badges for degree or coups when they have been won, also totems of the band, the tribe, etc.


I. Name

This Tribe shall be called "The Tribe of the Big Lodge of the Woodcraft League."

II. Purpose

Our purpose is to learn the outdoor life for its worth in the building up of our bodies and the helping and strengthening of our souls; that we may go forth with the seeing eye, and the "thinking hand" to learn the pleasant ways of the woods and of life, that we be made in all wise masters of oiurselves; facing life without flinching, ready to take our part among our fellows in all the problems which arise, rejoicing when some trial comes that the. Great Spirit finds us the rulers of strong souls in their worthy tabernacles.

III. Who May Enter

Those who are twelve years of age, who know the law, who are acceptable to the Band and who can show themselves worthy, according to an established initiation. All begin at the lowest rank.

Those who would enter must be admitted to a Band which is already part of a Tribe, or is afterward made such.

IV. Councils

A Council of the Tribe should be held in the first part of each moon or oftener.

Each Band should hold a weekly meeting.

The yearly Coimcil for the election of oflicers shall be held on the first sun of the Leaf Falling Moon (October) or as soon after as possible.

The moons are: Snow (Jan.), Himger (Feb.), Crow or Wakening (March), Grass (April), Planting (May), Rose (June),