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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována

7. Have a knowledge of the game laws of the state in which he lives.

8. Preserve and mount the skin of a game bird, or animal, killed in season.

9. Mount for a rug the pelt of some fur animal.

10. Know twenty-five different kinds of trees.

11. Know thirty different wild flowers.

12. Know ten difierent snakes.

13. Know ten different fungi.

14. Know the signs of weather.

15. Make fire with the rubbing-sticks.

Woman’s Power in History (Gashkiewikwe’)

The Degree of Woman’s Power in History may be conferred on any one who takes nine of these tests: 1. Name five great women rulers of the world, give their history, and tell something about them.

2. Name five great American women who have made history (the living included).

3. Name five great women scientists and state their claims to fame.

4. Name five great women inventors and state their claims to fame.

5. Name five great women educators and state their claims to fame.

6. Name five great women artists and state their claims to fame.

7. What was the real status of woman among the American Indians? (See “Book of Woodcrafltfi’j’)

8. Name five great American I ian queens who achieved power by their personal force.

9. What countries now have Woman Suffrage?

1O. What states in America have Woman Suffrage?

11. Write an essay of r, 500 to 3,000 words stating what you know of the Woman’s Rights Movement, also your opinion as to the ultimate destiny and effect.

12. What recent changes have been made by law in your state to equalize the advantages and‘ opportunities of men and women.

13. Explain community property law as afiecting husband, wife, and children. What states have this law? Where was its origin?