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Tato stránka nebyla zkontrolována

404 Woodcraft Manual for Boys . Know how to prepare five cooling drinks, five sandwiches, five candies, five salads, and tea and coffee. . See that the family sleep with open windows all the ^^ear round, arranging for screens, and proper position of beds. . Understand gas range, and how to economize gas by use of lids and asbestos covering on top.

Hunter (Gaossed)

The Degree of Hunter may be conferred on any one who takes fourteen of these tests: . Walk one mile in eleven minutes. . Walk thirty miles in twelve hours. . Run 100 yards in thirteen seconds. . Run one mile in five and one third minutes. . Swim 100 yards. . Spot the rabbit (see Games) three times out of five at sixty yards. . See and map out six Pleiades. . See the Pappoose on the Squaw's back (spectacles al- lowed if habitually worn). (See "Stars as Test of Eyesight.") . KiQ, according to the Campfire Law, any one big game animal. . Get a good photograph of a big game animal wild in its native surroundings. . Know and name correctly twenty-five native wild quad- rupeds. . Know and name correctly fifty wild birds in the field and their nests. . Know and Ciearly discriminate the tracks of twenty-five oi QUI common wild quadrupeds. . Trail an animal or else iron track prints for half a mile without aid of snow. . Win honors with rifle. That is, be a marksman accord- ing to the rules of the National Rifle Association. . With bow make a total score of 300 points at sixty yards, standard target. . Catch alive and uninjured with own make of trap one wild quadruped and one wild bird. . Know the Pole Star and fifteen star groups. . Teach any one of these but the first nine to some other person.