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vaHousM'nT"n;^ * dependable helper in entertainments of Inrr^f amusement making, but in the work of preparation and cleaning up and general qukt wiS! fJr»n^?°'^.^°"' P^P*" drinks, ten salads ten candies, ten sandwiches, tea. coffee, and cocoa. tinni f^'^ff^* «rtistically, also table and house decora- tions for differen seasons and occasions, making use^mtoSl available out of door and not from florists. ouiteml 14 . Arrange special home entertainments for hoHdavs etc kBowmg the history, games, foods, and drinks p^'^to ^di occasion"" ^""^ ^""^ "^^^ * * P^^'" an 16. Know the rules of visiting and card leavine P P r cards, and bread-and-butter lettere. ^' Ostiwin



V. The Degree of Housekeeper may be conferred on anv X one who takes fifteen of these tests- ^ l/*N carite^-7n-^w^n'° ^S*" ^^^P-hardwood and K«ic* J carpeted— for walls, rugs, draper es. furniture— un- bolstered and varnished-for pictures and book^. ^"™'"^^"P- 2. Know how to prepare a room for general cleaninfr in ST^uST^ alo mithS of' he ^ also use of vacuum and'ma^r "^^'^^^ glass, 4- Properly dispose of waste and garbaee for the homp fnr .r.A ^^^u ^ ^^"^ "^"^ ^'"aw sheet for very sick oatient of springs, and sunning of pillows niaiiress, cnangmg 8. Take entire care of one room for one month, to include ..text continues