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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována



The Degree of Camp Cook is conferred on those who take 6 of these tests:

1. Can make a good fireplace of wood, of stone, sod, or earth.

2.* Light 15 fires with 15 successive matches, one on a wet day. (10 fires and 10 matches for L. L.)

3.* Cook 5 batches of good bread in a Dutch oven. (3 for L. L.)

4. Cook 5 batches of good bread without any utensils but a hatchet. (3 for L. L.)

5.* Cook 21 digestible meals over campfire for a party of two or more. (12 for L. L.)

6.* Boil a quart of water in a 2-quart pail in 10 minutes. (15 for L. L. given 1 match, 1 log, 1 axe.)

7. Cook a meal consisting of baked bread, fried meat or fish, roast meat or boiled potatoes without any utensils or tools but a hatchet.

8. Have trained a class in cooking; showing and making them do it properly.



The Degree of Camp Craftsman may be conferred on those who take 15 out of these tests:

1. Have a knowledge of tanning and curing.

2.* Can sole and heel a pair of boots, sewed or nailed, and generally repair boots and shoes.

3. Can dress a saddle, repair traces, stirrup leathers, etc., and know the various parts of harness.

4. Can patch a garment.