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Tato stránka nebyla zkontrolována

1 wire grill.
2 bake-pans.
1 butcher knife.
Salt and pepper casters.
Tin boxes to hold stock of same.
2 folding buckets.
2 folding wash-basins.
Tea-pot (riveted).
Coffee-pot (riveted).
Dish-cloths and towels.
Folding lantern and supply of candles.
4 flat steel rods to cook on.
And for each man, plate, cup, saucer, and porringer (preferably enamelled); also knife, fork, and spoon.
And such other things as are dictated by previous experience, or for use in the games to be played.

Besides which each member has his ordinary clothes, with a change, and toilet-bag, also:

A rubber blanket.
2 wool blankets.
1 cotton or burlap bed-tick, 2}4 x 6j4 ft.
A pair of brown sneaks.
A war-sack of waterproof.
Khaki suit.
Fishing-tackle and guns, according to choice.

(D. T. Abercrombie & Co., 311 Broadway, or Abercrombie & Fitch, 57 Reade Street, New York, for all supplies.)

Food to last six fellows one week:

Oatmeal 6 lbs.
Rice 2 lbs.
Crackers 20 lbs.
Chocolate 1 lb.