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A totem-pole.

A supply of scalps, at least one for each.

A supply of about 100 feathers or other honor tokens.

A red horse-tail for feather tips and medicine scalp.

A drum.

A target, and range.

Cooking outfit and food.

Also the things for the games they wish to play (see later), the Deer-hunt for land, and the Sturgeon spearing for water, being especially recommended.


1 good 5-foot bow, complete with string.

6 standard arrows, 25 in. long; 3 feathers, steel points.

1 quiver of waterproof canvas.

1 plain arm-guard.

1 head band.

1 pair trunks.

1 waterproof sheet, 6 ft. x 5.

2 woollen blankets.

To these he may add as much Indian costume as he likes. But costumes, feathers, etc., are non-essentials. Many tribes wear only the ordinary clothes of out-door life.