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The Birch-BMk Roll . MOUNTAIN-CLIMBING (AU afoot) (Not open to boys, ijt., those under 14) The exploits in this class arc repeaters. Fo« Lads (Under 18). COUP: — In Great Britain: Ben Macdhuic; Ben Nevis; Ben Lomond; Ben Cruachan; Snowdon; Hcl- vellyn. In Europe: Vesuvius. In North America: Mt. Wash- ington; Electric Peak, Wyo. GRAND COUP:— In Europe: Mt. Blanc; Breit- horn: Etna. In North America: Pike'aPtoak; Shasta; Adams. In Asia: Fujiyama; Tabor. This expltut is a repeater. For All Over 18. COUP: — In Europe: Mt Blanc; Monte Rosa; Breithom; Monte Viao; Etna. In North America: St. Helen's; Adams; ShaaU; Hood;Rai^. In Africa: Teneiiffr. GRAND COUP: — In Europe: Matterhom; Wet- terhom; Aig. Verte; M%. du Dru; Aig. du Geant; Point des Ecrins; Ortler-Spitze. In South America: Chimboiazo; Cotopaxi; Illimani; Aconcagua. In Asia: Everest*; KinAiw - jun^*; Ararat. In Africa: Kilimandjaro. This exploit is a repeater. Other mountains will be added later. EYESIGHT . To spot the Rabbit three times at 60 yards, or to distinguish and map out correctly six Pleiades and see clearly the "Pappoose (Alcor) on the Squaw's CMizar) back," counts a coup; to spot the Rabbit three times at 70 yards and see seven Pleiades and • Means "not yet climbed." The firet one to climb a standard peak gets double honors; one for climb, one for first dimb.