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Natural History 345 woods of America east of the plains to about latitude 55. The Bluejay is a wonderful songster and mimic, but it is mischievous — nearly as bad as the crow indeed. Common Crow (Corvus brachyrhynckos) . The Crow is blaci from head to foot, body and' soul. It is about Bluejay. Bobolink or Reedbird. eighteen inches long and thirty wide. It makes itself a nuisance in all the heavily wooded parts of E. North America. Bobolink or Reedbird {Doliehonyx oryzivorus). This bird is about seven and a half inches long. The plumage is black and white, with brown or creamy patch on nape; and the tail feathers all sharply pointed. The female, and the male in autumn, are all yellow buff with dark streaks. Though famous for its wonderful song as it flies over the meadows in June, it is killed by the thousands to supply the restaurants in autumn and served up under