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General Scouting Outdoors 213 THE MOON The Moon is one fifth the diameter of the Earth, about one fiftieth of the bulk, and is about a quarter milUon miles away. Its course, while very irregular, is nearly the same as the apparent course of the Sun. But "in winter the full Moon is at an altitude in the sky near the hmit attained by the Sun in summer, . . . and even, at certain times, five degrees higher. It is the contrary in summer, a season when the Moon remains very low" (F.). The Moon goes around the Earth in twenty-seven and a quarter days. It loses nearly three quarters of an hour each night; that is, it rises that much later. "Astronomy with an Opera Glass." Garrett P. Serviss, D. Appleton & Co., New York City. Price, $1.50. MAKING A DAM When I was a boy we had no natural swimming pool, but there was a small stream across our farm; and I with my two friends succeeded in making a pool, partly by dam-


ming up the little stream, and partly by digging out the place above the dam. The first things needed were two logs long enough to