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General Scouting Outdoors 211 dance, the six around the little one in the middle. Of course, you can't hear his song, or even his drum, but you must remember he is a long way off now. There is another story of a little Indian girl called Two-Bright-Eyes. She was the only child of her parents. She wandered away one evening seeking the whippoorwill and got lost — you see, even Indians get lost sometimes. She never returned. The mourning parents never learned what became of her, but they thought they saw a new pair of twin stars rising through the trees not long after, and when their grief was so softened by time that they could sing about it, this is the song they made about their loss: THE TWIN STARS Two-Bright-Eyes went wandering out To chase the whippoorwill. Two-Bright-Eyes got lost, and left Our teepee, oh, so still! Two-Bright-Eyes. was lifted up To sparkle in the skies, And look like stars, but we know well That that's our lost Bright-Eyes. She is looking for the camp. She would come back if she could; She is peeping thro' the trees to find The teepee in the wood. The Planets The stars we see are suns like our Sun, giving out light to worlds that go around them as our world goes around our Sun; as these worlds do not give out Hght, and are a long