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The music begins again, and they cease fighting and dance in a circle once more.

The music stops. The Chief shouts: "They fight again". Now the first and fourth and second and third lock horns and fight.

After a round or so the music begins again and they cease fighting and again circle, dancing as before.

The Chief calls out: "The Wolves are on their track".

Now the howling of Wolves is heard in the distance, from the fellows already posted.

The Caribou rush toward that side and face it in a row, threatening, with horns low, as they snort, stamp, and kick up the dust.

The Wolf‑howling ceases. The Caribou are victorious. The Chief shouts: "They have driven off the Wolves". They turn away and circle once to the music, holding their heads high.

Now Panther‑yelling (or other menacing sound) is heard in the other direction. The Chief shouts: "But now the Panthers have found them out".

Again the Caribou line up and show fight. When it ceases, the Chief cries out: "They have driven off the Panther". Now they dance proudly around, heads up, chests out as they step, for they have conquered every foe.

Then the Chief calls out: "But another, a deadlier enemy comes. The hunters are on their trail". The hunters appear, crawling very low and carrying bows. They go half around the ring, each telling those behind by signs, "Here they are; we have found them". "Four big fellows", "Come on", etc. When they come opposite the Caribou, the first hunter lets off a short "yelp". The Caribou spring to the opposite side of the ring, and then line up to defy this new noise; but do not understand it, so gaze as they prance about in fear. The hunters draw their bows together, and …

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