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A Monkey-hunt

We all love to go a-hunting; every one of us in some way; and it is only the dislike of cruelty and destruction that keeps most of us from hunting animals continually, as our forebears did.

Some of my best days were spent in hunting. The Arabs say, “Allah reckons not against a man’s allotted span the days he spends in the chase.”

I hope that I may help many of you to go a-hunting, and to get the good things of it, with the bad things left out.

Come! Now it is the spring of the year, and just the right time for a Monkey- hunt. We are going prowling along the brookside where we are pretty sure of finding our game. “See, there is a Monkey tree and it is full of the big Monkeys!”

“What! That pussy-willow?”

Yes, you think they are only pussy-willows, but wait until you see. We shall take home a band of the Monkeys, tree and all, and you will learn that a pussy-willow is only a baby Monkey half done.

Now let us get a branch of Uve elderberry and one or two limbs of the low red sumac. It is best to use siunac because it is the only handy wood that one can easily stick a pin through, or cut. The pieces should be five or six inches long and about half an inch to an inch thick. They should have as many odd features as possible, knots, bumps, fungus, moss, etc.; all of which add interest to the picture.

To these we must add a lot of odd bits of dry cane, dry grasses, old flower-stalks, moss, and gravel, etc., to use for background and foreground in the Uttle jungle we are to make for our Monkeys to play in. It is delightful to find ..text continues