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by the River of Wyndygoul, and the Blue Jay could not reach it then; he only got wet in trying.

But one night, when there were three more eggs, and the Wisest Phoebe was sitting on them, a great Mink put his head out of the water and gobbled up Phœbe, eggs, and all.

And the next morning there was only one little Phœbe-bird with his nest, and that was the Foolish One that knew he was foolish, and that built in the porch of the house that stood on the hill that is close by the Lake of Wyndygoul. And he sang all that spring, and his nest was soon filled with growing little ones. And they got bigger and bigger, till they were too big for the nest; and at length they all fledged and flew, and lived happily ever after in the trees by the Lake of Wyndygoul.

Moral: Wisdom is its own reward.