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his left eye, and said: “This is better, but I know that a Phoebe lays more than two eggs. I can wait.”

He did not go to the porch. He had his own reasons. And next morning the three little Phoebes sang their three little songs in the trees by the Lake of Wyndygoul.

But the Blue Jay came as before, and he looked at the nest in the rock, and said: “Oh, ho! there are two eggs now. Keep on, my friends, keep on; this is true charity. You are going to feed the hungry. I think I will wait a little longer.”

Then he went to the root above the water, and in that nest were three eggs. “Very good”, said the Blue Jay. “A Phœbe-bird may lay four or even five eggs, but give me a sure thing.” So he swallowed the three eggs in the root nest.

And next morning there were only two ..text continues