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“Oh, ho!” said the Jay, “this is good luck, but not enough. I know that Phoebes lay more than one egg. I can wait.” So, though his beak watered a little, he let it alone and went — but no; he did not go to the porch, because the man had made an “influence” there, and it was repugnant to the Blue Jay.

And the three little Phœbes sang merrily their morning-song in the trees by the Lake of Wyndygoul.

Next morning the Blue Jay went over to the rock nest, and there was one egg in it, and he said: “Very good as far as it goes, but I can wait. I ’ll see you later.”

Then he went to the nest under the root, — a very hard nest to find it had been, — and there were two eggs. The Blue Jay turned his wicked head on one side and counted them with his right eye, then on the other side and counted them with ..text continues