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“Culex certainly lays twice as many eggs as Anopheles, but she is more suspicious.”

“I never saw an Anopheles with spotted thoracic segments”, whispered Pegrozila, peevishly, for he had a touch of malaria.

“Well, Dr. Howard has”, retorted Cataphractus, with crushing sarcasm. “Hush — sh — sh —”

So each of the little Sticklebacks hid behind a grass-seed, hushed, and held his gills until the Anopheles had laid over one hundred lovelypink eggs with a sweet little baby Anopheles in each. Then, in blissful ignorance of the awful fate awaiting her beloved offspring, the Mosquito floated away with a lightsome ping!

The little Sticklebacks made a rush. It was who could get there first. In a trice the floating eggs were rent to pieces ..text continues