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Wah! whoop! crack! and they pounded the ice.

Wah! hy-ya! louder and faster, with war-arrows glancing, they whirled in the war-dance, Wah! hy-ya! and snow-drifts went curling like smoke, betraying the Partridge and Rabbit.

Flash! went the frost-arrows and pierced them.

WHOOP! hy-ya! crack! poom! rang the Ice-demons' clubs, and the oak-tree was riven asunder. Bared were the Marten, the Fisher.

Flash! ping! and the frost-arrows pierced them.

Whoop! clang! on the ice they circled, and louder, still louder. Poom whoooop! and the ice-field was riven; from margin to margin the frost-crack went skirling.

Wah! bairn! and it zigzagged in branches, ..text continues