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immovable oak.” “What care I?” cried the unhappy Muskrat: ”for the thick ice of Chaska-water is my roof-guard”.

Faster danced the Demons, louder they sang in their war-dance; glinting, their arrows flew, splitting, impaling, glancing.

Fear was over the lake, was over the woods.

The Mink forgot to slay the Muskrat, and, terror-tamed, groveled beside him. The Fox left the Partridge unharmed, and the Lynx and the Rabbit were brothers. Tamed by the Fear were they who had scoffed at the Peace of the Sun-god, and trembling they hid in the snow-drift, in the tree-trunk, in the ice — trembling, but inly defiant.

Whoop! went the Ice-demons, dancing louder and higher. A mile in the air went their hurtling spears. ..text continues