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But some were rebellious.

The Partridge safe under the snow, the Hare safe under the brush, and the Muskrat safe under the ice, said: “Why should we fear old Peboan?” Then the Marten and the Fox and the Mink said: “While the Partridge and the Hare and the Muskrat are stirring abroad, we will not fail to hunt them.” So they all broke the truce of the Sun-god, war-waging when peace was established.

But they reckoned not with the Ice-demons, the sons of the Lake and the Winter, whose kingdom they now were invading, and vengeance was hot on their warring.

The sun sank lower each day; the North Wind reigned, and the Ice-demons, born of the Lake and the Winter, grew bigger and stronger, and nightly danced, in the air and on the ice. ..text continues