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showed them the way of their living, taught them the rights of the hunter; all through the autumn be led them.

Then came the cold.

Down from the north it came riding — riding with wicked old Peboan; and the Red Linnets swept before it like sparks in the van of a prairie fire, and the White Owl followed after like ash in the wake of a prairie fire.

Down from the sky there fell a white blanket, the Sun-god’s blanket, and Nin-na-bo-jou cried: “Now I sleep. Let all my creatures sleep and be at peace, even as Chaska-water sleeps.”

The Ducks and Geese flew far to the south, the Woodchuck went to his couch, the Bear and the Snake and the Bullfrog, the Tree-bugs, slept; and the blanket covered them all. ..text continues