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27 CITIZENSHIP Tell the history of your fag.... .S-20 Tell the proper methods of showing respect to the flag, including: (A) Proper methods of displaying; (B) Demon- strate folding and tell why we fold the flag in triangles; (C) Proper methods of disposing of the flag and reasons for disposal.....S-21 Give the pledge to the Hag correctly and explain in detail the meaning of each phrase..... S-22 Sing solo two stanzas of a patriotic song.....S-23 Write an essay of 100 words on one of our country's presi- dents, telling of one of his major contributions... . .S-24 Learn the following about your state: Motto, flower, bird, song, date of admission to the Union and the state flag. .S-25 Show a record of perfect attendance at some weekły class of religious instruction for three months... . .S-26 Show a record of perfect attendance at one weekly service of worship, for a period of three months..... S-27 SCHOOL COOPERATION (The teacher or principal must sign all coups in this sec- tion, and they may be claimed only once each year.) Show a perfect record of attendance and punctuality for a period of three months in a day school..... S-28 Show an outstanding grade in Citizenship for one semes- ter in school.... .S-29 Make an above average grade (A or B) in all subjects for one semester..... S-30 Serve satisfactorily as a member of the Safety Committee or Student Service Group for one term..... S-31 Take lessons on some musical instrument, at least one les- son per week for three months, missing no lesson..... -32