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26 HOME COOPERATION ( Daily tasks are to be performed properly and cheerfully without being reminded in order to receive Honors. ) Make your bed every day for one month.....S-1 Wash and dry dishes 20 times within one month..... S2 Set table properly 20 times within one month.....S-3 Take care of a child, not over five years of age, at least one hour each day, for two weeks. (Care should include some- thing more than merely watching)..... S-4 Keep your room or some other regularly occupied room of the house in good order for at least one month, sweeping it and dusting it at least once each week.....S-5 Keep your walk and driveway clean for a period of at least one month... ..S-6 Mow and keep a lawn in order two months, without pay.....S-7 Go on an errand for someone 20 times within one month, without pay.....S-8 Earn and save $5.....S-9 Prepare and serve a complete meal for three or more peo- ple, clearing the table and doing all dishes... . .S-10 Cook eggs three different ways..... S-11 Bring equipment to tribal meeting and demonstrate proper way to set a place setting at the table, explaining the proper way of using each item.....S-12 Neatly iron two articles of clothing for each year of your age, during a one-month period... . .S$-13 Keep bathroom clean for one month, including toilet, tub, basin and mirror.... .S-14. Prepare and pack a nourishing lunch for yourself 10 times in a month.....S-15 Properly dispose of garbage or trash for one month. . .S-16 Make a frosted cake and serve to tribe..... S-17 Make four kinds of cookies, mixing the ingredients your- self.....S-18 Make a pie and serve to the tribe.... .S-19