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24 Make a hunter's lamp (the oil may be purchased ) that will burn for an hour..... F-81 Make a usable twine or worsted baseball..... F-82 Make a water wheel of at least five paddles, that works ada. F-83 Make a kite andy it..... F-84 Make a musical instrument and play it..... F-85 Make a game board, demonstrating its use before the Tribe..... F-86 Make a whistle from willow or other wood..... F-87 Make a homemade sled..... F-88 Make a sewing box or basket and equip it..... F-89 Make a scrapbook dispłay showing at least 10 methods of transportation, from foot to spaceship..... F-90 Design, make and decorate three articles from copper, aluminum or tin..... F-91 Make an article of tooled leather. .... F-92 Make some article of clay, decorate it „and have it fired bada. F-93 Make a simple cloth loom and weave cloth article... . F-94 Make and decorate five different molded objects... .F-95 Make a mosaic picture not less than six inches by six inches..... F-96 Make three useful or ornamenta]ł objects out of gourds e F-97 Make a piece of wire sculpture or a mobile of at least five parts..... F-98 /) „Jl” ( * — dj, SĄ