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23 Make and set up a birdhouse so that some native wild bird usesit asa home..... F-62 Make a box or tray, glass on one side, for a collection of four or more butterfłes or moths..... F-63 Make a cardboard or bark box with hinged cover, dec- orated and neat..... F-64 Make some article of woodwork requiring the use of at least four different tools..... F-65 Make a mat or basket of reed, raffia, bark, pine needles, or other natural materials, symmetrical and well made. .F-66 Present samples of the following stitches made by self: basting, overhand, hemming, running, gathering, stitching, backstitching, sewing on buttons, darning a stocking and darning atear..... F-67 Make some article of clothing for a person or a large doll, or some other piece of practical needlework, using in either case, at least four different stitches..... F-68 Embroider some piece of fancywork, not less than 100 square inches in area, using at least two different fancywork stitches..... F-69 Sew, ball, and braid rags enough to make a rug one yard square..... F-70 Crochet five yards of cord or yarn on a spool and coil and sew into a mat..... F-71 . Knit or crochet some article, at least 100 square inches in area..... F-72 Make a leather or wood book cover, decorated with Indian design..... F-73 Make a bead loom and arrange the strings for beading a headband one inch wide and eight inches long..... F-74 Make a collection, properly mounted and listed, for pres- ervation and exhibition of one of the following. Postage Stamps — 1,000 different stamps..... F-75 Coins — 31 different coins..... F-76 (ANY OTHER COLLECTIONS MAY COUNT IF APPROVED BY THE GUIDE)..... F-78 Make a picture frame out of wood or plastic material aaa F-79 Tie from memory; know the name and use of one standard knot for each year of your age..... F-80