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22 INDIAN LORE Make an Indian shield and a spear, painting each with Indian designs..... F-42 Make and paint with Indian designs a clay pot or recep- tacle..... F-43 Carve a miniature totem pole, with three or more figures 22.. F-44 Decorate totem with at least three different colors. . . F-45 Carve a neckerchief slide of bone, horn, wood or other material..... F-46 Make a button and sew it on your Honor Band..... F-47 Make an Indian article, such as a bracelet, head band, etc. a. F-48 Name 10 Indian Tribes and tell which area of the United States they livedin..... F-49 Name 10 Indian Chiefs and tell some interesting fact about each, such as how or why he became famous..... F-50 Make an Indian necklace of seed, cones, bone or other natural material..... F-51 Make a beaded belt, with an Indian design..... F-52 Make an Indian costume for a doll and dress the doll in the costume..... F-53 Make and decorate an item of Indian clothing for your- self..... F-54 Make and decorate an Indian drum..... F-55 Participate in making a life-size tepee with the tribe. . F-56 Know 50 signs of the Indian sign language..... F-57 MISCELLANEOUS Make a design for the Centra! Fire on cloth or wood, at least 18 square inches..... F-58 Make a model of log fire or Council Fire to be used with fire cloth or board..... F-59 Make a successful bird bath. (It is successful when four kinds of wild birds visitit.)..... F-60 Make a successful cat-proof lunch counter for birds. (It is counted successful if four kinds of native wild birds come to feed.)..... F-61 3 = ssb NA MMC! ( hę lid ij (i