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21 ARCHERY Make a bow that will shoot an arrow 50 yards..... F-20 Make a target pad of suitable material at least three feet in diameter and four inches thick..... F-21 Make from burlap and stuff with straw, grass, excelsior or other material, a deer or other large animal to stand not less than three feet high at shoulder for target. .... F-22 Shoot so high and so fast as to have two arrows in the air at onetime..... F-23 If under 10 years of age: send an arrow 90 yards... .F-24 Age 10 to 12 years of age: send an arrow 105 yards.. .F-25 At 20 yards, on a target with a bull's eye not more than nine inches across, make three bullfs eyes out of six tries At 20 yards, place six arrows out of eight within a radius of lżinches..... F-27 Make a bowstring, properly twisted and wound, that will hold a bow of not less than 16 pounds pull..... F-28 Explain the point of aim and draw a diagram of same RE F-29 Make one of the following accessories: finger tab, arm guard, quiver, tripod for a target..... F-30 MODELS A coup will be awarded for any well-made scale model. If the model is prefabricated, you should tell its function, history, use or purpose. No more than four coups may be claimed for models and each must be claimed for a different type..... F-31 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF BOATS Know and describe three types of sailing craft..... F-32 Know five famous boats and their achievements..... F-33 Know the five points of the sail..... F-34 Know and explain five boating safety rules..... F-35 KNOWLEDGE OF AERONAUTICS IN GENERAL Know and describe three types of airplane motors. . .F-36 Identify five different types of airplanes in flight..... F-37 Know why an airplane or glider fłies..... F-38 Know and describe one type of parachute..... F-39 Know three famous flights and the names of the fliers and the craftused..... F-40 Write a history of rockets and their present use..... F-41