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20 CAMPCRAFT Assemble materiałs and make a fire by fint-and-steel Ra F-1 Make a leather or horn tinder-bag..... F-2 Build five campfires, each with one match, each in a dif- ferent spot, and all made with material gathered by self, (paper not allowed)..... F-3 Know and describe the four usual Indian blazes, as used on tree trunks, and with twigs, grass and stones..... F-4 Mark a trail with grass, stones or twigs for a half-mile so that a party can follow it. (Note: Do not blaze living trees or unnecessarily break green or living shrubbery and branches.)..... F-5 Know and describe the requirements of a good camp site and have a general knowledge of equipment necessary for a camping trip..... F-6 Demonstrate correct packing of either a blanket roll or packsack and show how to carry it..... F-7 Demonstrate the proper way to roll and tie a sleeping bag..... F-8 Make a good blanket bed on the ground at least twice. Sleep on it for two nights, making a new bed each night Make two feet of rope from bark, grass, root, horsehair or natural material which, by actual demonstration, will support fifty pounds..... F-10 Camp alone or with a group overnight, preparing your own food for three meals, sleeping out of doors and having the Guide's approval of a neat camp at all times..... F-11 Act as a group leader in camp for three or more days, in charge of a group of four or more, having the Guides approval of a well-behaved group: no noise at night, neat grounds, obedience, helpfulness, etc...... F-12 Tell what to do if you are lost in the woods..... F-13 Erect a tent, having first selected a suitable location (two may work together on this)..... F-14 Make a useful article out of wood, such as: spoon, fork, clotheshanger, etc,..... F-15 Make a set of five tin can utensils.....F-16 Name five safety practices to observe when building a fire at a campsite..... F-17 Build a campfire and cook a meal on it..... F-18 Know the 16 points of the compass..... F-19