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Bible, Koran, etc. (depending upon your faith) for grand coup. IV Qualify and hold office for a regular term in your dis- trict church or religious organization for young people for a grand coup. IV Memorize and be able to sing ten religious songs for a coup honor. Twenty such songs for a grand coup. IV


Act as umpire or referee in 16 practice games and 8 match games of baseball, football, volley ball, basket ball, or similar game for coup. Same for 2 different kinds of games, grand coup. IV Take complete charge of a seasonal Play Day for school, playground, or Club group; at least 20 events, coup. 2 play days, grand coup. IV Adapt 6 games to a crippled or a blind child. Both for grand coup. IV Take charge of children’s swimming groups 8 or more to a group, for 8 afternoons during the summer vacation, coup. Same for rowing, for grand coup. IV


Within 1 year, pass 30 nights out of doors (at least 14 of these successive), never once sleeping under a roof, but in a tent, tepee, or open, for coup. 60 nights of same (30 of which must be consecutive), and tell story of the Angel of the Night, for grand coup. I (The following coups are to be all according to the standards of the American Red Cross.) Describe in detail the treatments for the bites of a poisonous snake, dog, or other animal with septic possi- bilities; and for a severe hemorrhage; and apply correctly a tourniquet to an arm or a leg, for coup. Grand coup for the successful treatment of an actual case of either. I-II Demonstrate the treatment for 3 varieties of fracture, and apply a good bandage to each of 5 different parts of the body, for coup. Demonstrate treatment for 6 varieties of fracture, and apply a good bandage to 10 different parts of body, for grand coup. I-II Pass the Red Cross or other standard Life Saving Test 78