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Service Activities


Be an active member of a church school class for six months, for a coup. One year for a grand coup. IV Serve as a teacher for such a class for three months, for a coup. Serve for one year for a grand coup. IV Render service as an officer of a regularly organized church club, one year for a coup. Head such a club for a year for grand coup. IV Regular attendance in any of the above, ninety percent for a coup; one hundred percent for grand coup. This to be based upon a period of one year. Repeat for any addi- tional year. IV Take part for at least six months of the year in the activities of a church choir, for a coup. If perfect attendance for both rehearsal and performance, grand coup. IV Take part actively in at least three church programs such as Christmas, Easter, or similar observance, for a coup. Same for six such programs for grand coup. IV Participate in an annual church camp-out or retreat for a period of two weeks for coup. Attend such a conference for two successive years for a grand coup. IV Read some portion of your church scriptures or Bible each day for a year for a coup. Read the total scripture, 77