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7. Know at least fifty mountain birds.

8. Know at least twenty-five mountain trees.

9. Make a journey on foot through the mountains of at least 100 miles, sleeping out every night.

10. Swim 100 yards.



The Degree of Planter may be conferred upon any one who accomplishes 12 of these tests:

1. Find in the field and identify 40 species of wild flowers.

2. Collect and identify 20 species of weeds.

3. Collect, press, mount and identify eight species of grass.

4. Make five square yards of wild flowers grow where none grew before, including at least five species.

5. Plant successfully five trees.

6. Identify by leaf or fruit, 20 species of deciduous trees.

7. Identify 10 species of evergreen trees.

8. Identify by leaf or fruit, 20 species of shrubs.

9. Identify by bark or twigs in winter, 20 species of trees.

10. As above for 20 species of shrubs.

11. Make an exhibit of 10 species of trees, mounting in permanent form leaf, flower, fruit, bark and twigs to show method of branching.

12. As above for 10 species of shrubs. (Shrub lists are not to include any species included in tree lists.)

13. Collect and identify fruits or seeds from 40 species of wild plants.

14. Identify specimens of wood from 15 species of trees.

15. Make blue prints or ink prints of the leaves from 30 species of trees or shrubs.

16. As above for 30 species of wild flowers.

17. Find and identify 20 species of wild plants with edible leaves or shoots.

18. Find and identify 20 species of plants with edible seeds, or fruits.

19. Plant at least 6 species of shrubs which will bear seeds or fruits for birds during the winter.

20. Perform the Tree Planting Ceremony.

21. Perform the Flower Planting Ceremony.