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3. Embroider a ceremonial dress, symbolic or Indian design.

4. Make a head band or shoulder strap or equivalent work in quill work.

5. Make and decorate a pair of Indian leggings or moccasins.

6. Make a leather cushion cover with beadwork, or applique one of linen, or a woven cover.

7. Weave a rug, Indian design preferred.

8. Make a box for coup feathers of leather or of birch-bark.

9. Make an attractive box or bag for rubbing sticks and tinder.

10. Decorate a Sagamore or Tribal robe or blanket.

11. Make three useful articles with burnt work decorations.

12. Carve three useful articles such as spoons, forks, bowls, fire socket, and ornament with Indian designs.

13. Make a frame for picture out of a single piece of wood at least eight inches by ten inches.

14. Make a tray in basketry complete with glass mounting.

15. Make three pieces of silver work of good design.

16. Make three pieces of brass work of good design.

17. Make and decorate a brass or copper bowl, vase, or plaque.

18. Make two hanging basket vases of willow or raffia suitable for porch decoration, fitted with holder of glass or tin.

19. Make a frame complete with glass and back, for Woodcraft charter.

20. Tell the symbolism of ten beadwork designs used by American Indians such as rain, star, etc.

21. Make set of three metal dies or hubs or punches for stamping in the designs in metal (such punches or hubs or dies as the Pueblo Indians use).

22. Make candlesticks and firebowl for the Four Fires.