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232 Woodcraft Birch Bark Roll The high pyramid or bonfire (a) goes off hke a flash, roasts every one, then goes dead. The shapeless pile (b) is hard to light and never bright. The bonfire is always bad. It wastes good wood; is dangerous to the forest and the camp; is absolutely unsociable. A bonfire will spoil the best camp-circle ever got together. It should be forbidden every- where. Camp Horn By ERNEST THOMPSON SETON I wish every camp would get a good camp horn or Michi- gan lumberman’s horn. It 1s about four feet long, has a six- inch bell-mouth, and is of brass. Its sounds are made by mouth, but a good player can give a tune as on a post horn. Its quality is wonderfully rich, mellow, and far-reaching, and it can be heard for three or four miles. It is a sound to stir the echoes, and fill the camp with romantic memories. The Hunter’s Horn ILog IVE9 By EL_tswortu JAEGER The hunter’s horn is one of the ancient sound makers that has come down to us from a misty past. After the cow’s horn has been boiled, cleaned and scraped, both inside and out, the tip is cut off, still leaving about two inches of solid horn. A small hole is then bored, and en- larged near the opening to admit a mouthpiece. This mouth- piece is made of wood, the left-over horn tip, or a regular bugle mouthpiece. It can be embellished with designs and thongs and polished into an object of real beauty.