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226 Woodcraft Birch Bark Roll pole is fine for this; it is so important that I often change the plan to fit in with whatever good rooftree I can get. Plates also are necessary to carry the gable projection and to nail all rafters to; for this you need 4 or more heavy poles each about 10 feet long. It will be seen that shorter poles may be used as long as there is a foot projection over each gable and nailing place for the rafters. The first thing, after drawing the plan, is to decide on the site, and often this calls for a new change in the plan. A ~_—_ SFrepicd WoODCRAFT CABIN built of , Rock or Slone, by £75. . * on (A) Foundation. Plan ‘Bonk to eT [AX (84 2 fe outside: S OY > * TRunk Front Mares — ~ —) Z hI KI Ee ie 3 Front Elevation 2 (J 97 floor leveler- ee ~= . -—~eeee Ground Levedc big rock all ready for chimney foundation is a great help, and a noble view is worth moving a window to secure. Morning sun and afternoon shade are desirable, while good ventilation and good drainage are essential. Some builders are particular about having the house square with the compass points; 1f you wish it so, your simplest plan is to go to the place at night, and get the north from the North Star. Then line up one side of your cabin with that. The plan herewith is 12x 18% feet outside; that 1s, 10x 16 feet inside, allowing for 14-inch walls (A). This cabin will, however, accommodate 4 fellows in double-decked bunks, or even more if cots or bunk seats be added.