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206 Woodcraft Birch Bark Roll foot of the tree. The height of the tree will be found by the formula: the distance between the peg and the pole is to the height of the pole as the distance between the peg and the tree is to the height of the tree or BA: AC::BE:X. This may be proved by selecting a knot on the tree which may be easily climbed to. See inside line. C7 58 &k To Measure Distance Across a Stream Drive a stake at H. To measure distance from H to D cut three straight poles of exactly the same length and peg them together in a triangle. Place the triangle on the bank Tattle Aemlock. D> at A, B, C, sighting the line A B for the spot at D, and put three pegs in the ground exactly under the three pegs where the triangle is. Move the triangle to E F G and placing it so that F G should line with A C, and EG with D. Now AG.