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Shadow Tag

The player who is It, tries to step or jump on to the shadow of some other player; and if successful, announces the fact by calling the name of the layer. That player then becomes It. The guide will have to see that the players venture into the open spaces, where the shadows become apparent, rather than to huddle on one side of the ground, where the chaser cannot reach the shadows.

Wheelbarrow Race

Boys in two lines facing same direction; first line in prone lying position on the floor, feet apart. The second line or drivers stand between partners’ legs, grasping the wheel - barrow above the knees. Wheelbarrows walk forward on hands.

Plow Race

As in WHEELBARROW Race, but the driver takes hold of the ankles of the boy in front. The front boy must keep the body straight. This is easy for the driver, but hard for the plow, therefore the course must be short.

Travois Race

Boys in, two lines, back to back, A in prone lying position on the floor. B lifts A’s ankles to B’s shoulders, holding them with thumb inside and fingers outside; then walks forward. This makes A walk backward. Select partners of equal size and strength.

Bear in the Pit

A bear pit is formed by the players joining a circle, with one in the center as the bear. The bear tries to get out by breaking apart the bars (clasped hands), or