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Handicrafts 105 Tincandicraft IXX1 By InEz M. HarInc In working with tin for the making of jewelry and art products, treat the material as a more precious metal. Unless care 1s used, the product will be unsatisfactory. Begin with the simpler articles, and work up to the more difficult. Safety-match box covers are an easy point of starting. Cut from the side of a coffee can or any clean tin can, a plain piece of tin 214 x 334 inches. Draw a line 14 inches in from each narrow side, leaving 34 inch in the center for the back of the match box, and thus marking off the two sides. Now sketch a design on paper for these two sides. Copy onto the tin with a soft lead pencil, and outline with little dots a trifle less than 1 inch apart, made by placing a sharp nail on the outline, and giving a light stroke with the hammer. Aim to keep the dots from punching through. Shape to fit the match box by turning the tin, along the pencil lines, over any sharp edge. If many covers are to be made, it will save time to cut a hardwood block, the size of the match box ; and bend directly over this block. Be sure the edges are sharp. If a hammered effect is desired, use a ball-peen hammer (Y% inch in diameter at the round end), hammering the tin with a light stroke until the proper effect is obtained. This should be done before the design is put on. Should the tin curl, turn it over, and flatten it out with the flat end of the hammer. To make ash-trays, cut a circle of tin,.the diameter of which is 4 iach larger than the desired diameter of the fin- ished product. Mark well the center, and draw a line from the center to the circumference. Always begin and end ham- mering at this line. Now, holding the tin in the left hand, with the edge against the table, at an angle of 45°, strike hard with the round end of the hammer; and continue striking, going the whole way > around. This turns the edge. Each time round, be sure that the bottom is flat; if not, flatten it with the flat end of the