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6. Make a linked leather belt. Make a linked leather wrist band, hat band, head band, and head harness. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

7. Make, and mount for exhibition 6 methods of edge lacing. Make a leather book cover with edges laced. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

8. (L.L.) Make a leather book cover, decorated with Indian or other design, for coup. Make 2 such covers with different designs for grand coup.

CC — Macrame

1. Make a handbag of attractive design, all knots pulied evenly, the work being smoothly and neatly done for coup. As above, using square knots, half hitches, spirals and double carrick bends, with tassels, for grand coup.

2. Make a belt at least 30 inches long and 1½ inches wide, in 2 or more colors, without varying in width throughout, the work neatly done, knots pulled evenly, and edges regular, for coup. As above, with detachable buckle, sliding belt loop and worked eyelets, with balanced worked design, for grand coup.

3. Make a centerpiece of attractive design, at least 18 inches in diameter (or equivalent), the work being regularly and neatly done, for coup. As above, with 6 individual doilies to match, for grand coup.

4. Any one of following for coup; two for grand coup:

(a) Make a necktie, four-in-hand length, with regular edges, and all knots evenly pulled.
(b) Make a pillow top on a frame with clove hitches, with attractive design in colors, clusters properly fluffed, evenly and neatly worked.
(c) Make a rug or door mat of at least 6 square feet with worked design, all knots evenly pulled, edges regular, and work neatly done.

5. Make, and mount for exhibition, properly labelled, the following: Turk’s head, a row of square knots, a row of half-hitches, a flat, a spiral, for coup. In addition, make 6 small articles, such as a shade pull, for grand coup.

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