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2. Know and demonstrate from memory the following: short splice, long splice, chain splice, back splice, eye splice, cut splice, loop splice, and cringle, for coup. In addition, know and demonstrate wall and crown, double wall, double crown, shroud knot, Mathew Walker, and rosebud ; also 3- and 4-strand plaiting, for grand coup.

3. (L.L.) Tie from memory, know the name and use of, 1 standard knot for each year of your age, for coup. 2 knots for each year of your age, for grand coup.

4. Make 10 feet of rope, ½ inch thick, from bark, vine, grass, root or horsehair, which will in actual demonstration support 100 pounds, for coup. Make 15 feet of such rope from materials all gathered and prepared by self, for grand coup.

5. Make 15 feet of rawhide riata, preparing the necessary hide from which to make this riata, as well as making the riata itself, for coup. Make a rawhide lasso, not less than 25 feet long, equipped with rawhide hondu, all fit and strong for service, for grand coup.

6. (L.L.) Make 3 feet of rope from bark, grass, root, horsehair, or natural material, which will by actual demonstration, support 50 pounds, for coup. 6 feet of such rope, for grand coup.

BB — Leather Work

1. Half-sole and heel 1 pair of shoes, using ordinary camp equipment, for coup. Same for three pairs of shoes, for grand coup.

2. Make a box or bag for a rubbing stick set, with an extra compartment to hold tinder, attractively decorated with bead or quill work, to the extent of 4 square inches. Make limp leather covers for 2 books, such as tally book, well decorated with appropriate designs in tooling, etching, applique, painting, quill, bead, or burnt work. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

3. Make a purse, at least 3 x 6 inches, of leather, felt, or other such durable material, for coup. Decorate it to the extent of ¼ of its extent, for grand coup.

4. Make a belt of braided split strap, for coup. If buckle is also hand made, grand coup.

5. Make a knife sheath, with fringe. Make an axe sheath, with fringe. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

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