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12. Make a medicine bag of buckskin or leather, at least 14 inches long, exclusive of fringe, 5 inches wide, decorated in some standard Indian fashion. Make an altar cloth, and 4 prayer rugs of any strong material, representing the Sand Painting and the 4 Torches. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

13, Make a headdress for the Devil Dance, headdress to be at least 18 inches high, and 18 inches at widest points, after the manner of the Apaches, for coup. (See Rhythm of the Redman.) Also, make the wands, devil rattle, and bell strings for the warrior, and take part in the dance, for grand coup.

14. Make a totem pole, at least 15 feet high, 8 inches thick at butt, carved and painted in authentic Indian manner. Make a shield with the Horns of the High Hikers, shield to be at least 12 inches in diameter, horns each at least 6 inches long, and emblazoned with the tribal or other totem. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

15. Make and decorate a tom tom or war drum, for coup. If log is burned or hollowed out, and skin prepared from green state by self, grand coup.

Z — Knitting, Crocheting

1. Knit a pair of socks or stockings for someone other than self, for coup. With tops in a design of more than one color, grand coup.

2. Knit or crochet a sweater with sleeves, for someone other than self, for coup. If at least half is in a fancy stitch, grand coup.

3. (L.L.) Crochet five yards of cord or yarn on a spool, and coil and sew into a mat, for coup. 10 yards, for grand coup.

4. (L.L.) Knit or crochet some article, at least 100 square inches in area, for coup. 2 different articles, for grand coup.

AA — Knots and Ropes

1. Tie from memory, know the name and use of 20 different standard knots, mounted and tagged for exhibition, for coup. 40 for grand coup.

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