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Y — Indian Handicraft

1. Make a pair of leather or skin moccasins of Ojibway pattern, for coup. Bead a design by the parallel row method, on these, for grand coup.

2. Make a pair of leather or skin moccasins of Plains pattern, for coup. In addition, bead a design on these, for grand coup.

3. Make a pair of Navaho moccasins, for coup. If the silver buttons are made by self, grand coup.

4. Make buckskin from a green hide, without the use of any bought chemicals. Prepare the skin of some other animal from the green state until ready for use in some form of clothing. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

5. Make an Indian war shirt, for coup. Decorate it with a symbolic pattern, for grand coup.

6. Do 20 square inches of porcupine quill work by the method of sewing with two needles, for coup. Add 20 square inches by the wrapping method, and have a pattern worked in 2 colors on either one, quills to be dyed by self, for grand coup.

7. Make a war bonnet of at least 24 feathers, with fluffed bases and tips, horsehair tufts at ends of feathers, for coup. As above, with beaded brow band, rosettes at ears, ear pendants made by self (not ribbons) for grand coup.

8. Make 6 dancing rattles of various materials, each decorated with Indian design, for coup. In addition, dance a solo Indian dance, or the principal part in a group dance, using one of these, for grand coup.

9. Make 2 parfleche bags or boxes, 6 x 12 inches each, or equivalent, of rawhide, for coup. If decorated with authentic Indian designs in colors, grand coup.

10. Make a pair of leggings of leather or buckskin, with decoration of Indian method. Make a dancing bustle, of at least 12-inch diameter, and at least 3 concentric rows of feathers. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

11. Make an Indian woman’s costume, in 1 or 2 pieces, of leather or buckskin, for coup. Decorate it with beading, quill work, applique, or other method, to the extent of at least 100 square inches, for grand coup.

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