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3. *(a) Act as leader in 8 different dances, and teach a class of at least 6 pupils 8 dances, representing at least 4 of the departments mentioned above.
(b) Compose, teach and present publicly a dance for a group of not less than 6, to take at least 3 minutes. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

4. *(a) Write and present a dance drama, to take not less than 15 minutes to present.
(b) Compose, and dance publicly 4 different solo dances. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

5. Record a new Indian dance (one not in the BIRCH BARK ROLL) from actual Indians, and write it out so it can be followed by others, for coup. As above for two Indian dances, and teach them so they are presented, for grand coup.

6. Perform 5 authentic Indian dance steps, and do 3 solo Indian dances, or principal part in group dances, for coup. Teach the above to at least 6 others, so they perform it creditably in public, for grand coup.

7. Dance a different solo dance on each of 8 public occasions, without pay. Teach another 8 solo dances, performed on 8 public occasions. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

8. (L.L.) Make a shield and spear for the “Lone Scout Dance,” as given in the Big Lodge, for coup. For grand coup, dance this dance, using the shield and spear.

9. *(L.L.) Do either of the following for coup; both for grand coup: Sing and take part in at least 5 singing games. Dance correctly 5 simple, European folk dances, not necessarily solo.

10. *(L.L.) Do either of following for coup, both for grand coup: Dance one Indian dance for each 3 years of your age, not necessarily solo. Take leader’s part satisfactorily in a group Indian dance.

Q — Eyesight

1. Spot the Rabbit 3 times out of 5 at 30 yards, also distinguish and map out correctly 6 Pleiades, and see clearly the “Papoose (Alcor) on the Squaw’s (Mizar) back,” for coup. Spot the Rabbit 3 times out of 5 at 40 yards, and as above for 7 Pleiades and Papoose, for grand coup. (Those who habitually wear glasses, may use them in this test.)

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* Repeater if all new material is offered.